Enza Construction supports diversity, and has adopted an all-embracing strategy to gain competitive advantage. This approach combines a philosophy of entrepreneurial thinking, good collaboration with stakeholders, and a commitment to harnessing the strengths of the team.

Enza Construction is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor. Through its proactive and positive approach to the issue of empowerment in South Africa, Enza Construction believes that its commitment to equality and empowerment will have far-reaching effects throughout its spheres of influence, contributing to the greater good through a shared philosophy. Enza champions enterprise development and improved performance of developing contractors, through capacity building, business coaching, mentoring, and encouraging increased women-owned construction business participation.

Enza itself is 100% black owned, of which 21% is black-female owned.

Changing legislation, creating increasingly rigorous targets, can pose a significant risk to companies with lower B-BBEE ratings, when tendering. With B-BBEE firmly entrenched in Enza's core business, its competitiveness remains intact. It is a fundamental reason the construction company maintains its advantage in the industry, and is a joint venture partner of choice.


Enza's approach is one of empowering, both internally as well as externally. It recognises the major role it plays in the communities within which it operates, and, as such, works in partnership with local communities, highly respected local supply chain partners, subcontractors and the public sector, who share Enza's vision of broad-based empowerment and transformation. The company also supports local employment initiatives, and ensures that all projects meet contractual B-BBEE obligations.

"More importantly, Enza believes that projects that translate into sustainable empowerment initiatives, with long term benefits to all partners, are the true measure of transformation."


Enza Construction is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor.

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