Enza Plus


Construction is so much more than bricks and mortar. While Enza has a proud reputation for executing projects on a traditional procurement basis, the company comes into its own as a value-add contractor.

With strong roots in project management and property development, Enza can align its expertise to meet the holistic requirements of its clients and consultants.

Choose a single point of responsibility Enza Construction has been involved in numerous Design and Construct contracts since inception, including the recent Stats SA Office Accommodation (PPP), Bridge City Shopping Centre and Transport Node, Bokpoort Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP), Cradle of Humankind, Wits University Student Accommodation, Lillipark Office Development; and more recently with the public sector, in hospitals, schools, clinics and retail nodes around existing rail stations.

Design and Construct contracts have the benefit of derisking the project for the client. With Enza managing the risk around the commercial aspects of the project, there is price and delivery certainty.

A conventional contract can skew authority with adverse effects if the contractor is held at arm's length during the critical stages of project delivery. Even if the performance and scope are clearly defined, the transfer of risk is rarely apportioned fairly or appropriately; this can foster an antagonistic relationship between the client and the contractor.

"Our clients realise that Enza has the expertise, experience, and capacity to bring significant value to their projects."

A few "turnkey" benefits

  • The profit associated with a competitive tender is marginal, when compared to the substantially improved de-risking associated with Design and Construct contracts.
  • A shared level of mutual respect creates a better finished project and a stronger commercial solution.
  • With collaboration, both parties agree on the financial objective, and the roadmap to get there.


The sooner the contractor is involved in the project, the greater the impact on cost, with improved efficiencies.

If parties collaborate from the outset, both will move forward with the certainty that their allocation of the eventual outcome is agreed.

"A collaborative approach such as Design and Construct ensures that opportunity is not eroded, risk is mitigated, and the commercial benefit of the project is substantially improved for all involved."

1. Accelerated Programme
An accelerated start-up enables the client to move quickly, and take advantage of commercial opportunities.

2. Client-focused Approach
With fewer resources necessary to manage document administration and the delivery process, the client can concentrate on exploring other opportunities outside of the project, with the reassurance that the Design and Construct Contractor has taken on the delivery and price risk of the project.

3. A Tailored Approach
Involvement in the design process ensures a more dynamic approach, which takes time, cost and quality into consideration. When compared to conventional procurement, managing the finite resources of time and cost holistically definitely ensures an optimal final outcome.

4. Price Certainty
With a collaborative Design and Construct contract, there is greater price certainty, and an improved risk profile for the client. Exposure is predominantly limited to latent conditions and regulatory changes, and even these will have been substantially mitigated.