Our Investment in Communities

Empowerment in action

Every project is allocated an Empowerment Agent, who is supported by a dynamic team of human capital specialists concentrating on transformation, organisational development, change management, recruitment, and legislative compliance. This allows for proper assessment and identification of all transformation and empowerment requirements, while ensuring that community needs are met.

How it works

A gap analysis (including a skills audit) is conducted, and, based on the findings, a framework is developed to address gaps and developmental needs.

An implementation, monitoring and control action plan is put in place, as well as a reporting and measurement mechanism for the client. Key focus areas are Management Control, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development, and Socio-Economic Development.

Client Liaison Officers are appointed from within the community, and, together with the Empowerment Agent, a resourcing schedule specific to the project is drawn up. The targets for community involvement, as well as the technical skills required for the roles, are matched with the specific population, to create job specifications for every potential vacancy, both immediate and long term.

The project then recruits based on these requirements, ensuring that both compliance to targets, and a skills match for the role, are addressed.

'We build strong relationships within communities via relationships with ward counsellors and community representatives.'

Suitable candidates are also identified from within communities for skills transfer through work place assessment, and / or learning ability assessments.

This win-win process ensures long term individual sustainability, as well as broader family support; which in turn uplifts the general community. Enza is also implementing life orientation skills programmes on some of its projects, including HIV awareness, finance management and computer literacy.

Companies within the local community are also identified, to ensure local subcontractor and supplier involvement on projects. Enza manages this process in its entirety, via advertisements in local media, the establishment of a vendor database, and leads, through negotiation with the local community.

On a recent project, Enza facilitated a co-operative amongst some of the local subcontractors, resulting in the joint co-operative's ability to obtain settlement discounts and early payments. This is testimony to the company's mutual commitment to project and community interests.

Various non-profit organisations within the community in need of health, education, sport and / or cultural support are identified for assistance.

Following a validity assessment, selected beneficiaries are identified for support, with the intention that the empowerment is long term, and sustainable.

Developing black-owned, woman-owned business Enza has developed well-defined, formalised Enterprise Development Programmes for its blackowned and black woman-owned partners. These programmes are overseen at project level, and managed by the empowerment team.

Enza's clear empowerment management methodology ensures that mutual trust and honesty is established early in the project, promoting openness, transparency, and innovation.

We are a socially responsible company Our agenda is to grow young minds and to empower learners to succeed in careers that require technical skill and competence. We achieve this by supporting a number of schools in local communities with school uniforms, training aids and sporting equipment.

To date, our initiatives have had a positive impact on the learners and communities, empowering both to become more self-sufficient, and enabling Enza Construction to play a more constructive and partnering role in communities.

Enza Construction is proud to be sponsoring the following organisations:

  • Addington Hospital School
  • Masambasane Day Care Centre
  • Youth in Action
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Touch Life Centre
  • Sunshine Hospice
  • Cycle Nation Cycling Club
  • Moses Kotane School
  • Denver Secondary School
  • Delfos Cricket Club