Enza Newsflash
NgisebENZA Kahle (We Work Safely)

The Phase 2 Indumiso Campus Project’s new Library, Lecture Venue and Engineering Building was audited by The Master Builders’ Association (MBA) on 24th of May 2017. Fitting the criteria for the Regional Health and Safety Awards, the team on this R109 million project performed beyond all expectations.  With a zero-lost time due to injuries, the Indumiso team maintained their coveted 5-Star rating from the MBA.  As a result, The MBA promoted the project to the National Awards. With a higher category comes higher stakes and the Indumiso Campus Project was able to hold its own and represent KwaZulu-Natal in the R75 million to R150 million contract value range, ultimately winning the Master Builders’ Association Award.

On behalf of all at Enza, we’d like to say a tremendous thank you and congratulations to all who made this project a resounding success.